Image Source: Observers France

Make new friends with locals and other travellers on your next trip by signing up to a communal lunch – it could be anything from brunch in Brooklyn or drinks in Tokyo.

Image Source: Colunching

The CoLunching website describes it as a kind of social networking – just over lunch, or dinner, or drinks.

Members can sign up to CoLunching, CoDining or CoWining events with strangers in cities right around the world, and set up your own events to meet new people.

For travellers, CoLunching is a way to make friends in a new city, meet locals or just escape the travelling partner you are sick of for a night.

Social butterflies apply here. CoLunching is not for shy and retiring types who would find making conversation with a bunch of people you just met for a few hours akin to pulling teeth.

If you are keen to meet new people of all ages and backgrounds on your travels, CoLunching is definitely worth a try.

After signing up to become a CoLunching member, start searching for events based on your country, city, language, style of event and price point.

You can also search for events based on other CoLunchers and their preferences, so that way you won’t end up at an awesome CoWining event in Barcelona with a bunch of fifty-something singles.

Once you are sold on a particular event and like the look of people who have already signed up, put your name down.

Don’t bail at the last minute as CoLunching events are using limited to eight or so people so the crowd doesn’t grow too large. Usually, you will pay for a set menu in advance as well.

If you like trying new things, making small talk and appreciate good food and wine, CoLunching could be the perfect way to spice up your next trip.


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