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At A Not So Lonely Planet, we’re all about travel and about harnessing the best of the web to make the world a smaller place. We’ve traversed the net, and spoken to travellers to distant lands to bring you the best tips, advice and guides to give you the best travelling experience the modern age can offer.

Take a gander at our How To Guides to learn how to make the best of sites like Thorntree and Couch Surfer. Read our interviews page to see what seasoned veterans of the road and those in the know have to say. There will be much more besides, so eyes peeled and your feet wandering.

Who We Are

Myvawny Costelloe

Favourite destination: Cliched as it is, I absolutely love Paris. The food, the fashion, the art galleries, the history….
Dream destination: One day, I’d love to stay in a luxury villa built over the water. Preferably in Bora Bora, but I’d accept anywhere in French Polynesia….
Top travel tip: Learning a few words of the language, even if it’s just basic greetings, will really endear you to locals.
Essential packing item: Sunscreen. I prefer travelling to warm destinations and, despite what they tell you, the European sun is just as harsh as the Australian sun.

Emily Frost

Favourite destination: Hands down Argentina. An eclectic mix of fascinating culture, awesome food, and awe-inspiring sites. From glaciers to the Iguaçu Falls, sand deserts to bubbling Buenos Aires- Argentina has it all.
Dream destination: Give me a palm tree, coconuts and a private beach any day. The Maldives would have to be my top pick.
Top travel tip: Never say no when you’re travelling. Take every opportunity that is offered to you. You will never know who you could meet and what you could experience.
Essential packing item: Vegemite. Can’t start my day without it. Tastes surprisingly good on crepes in Paris!

Michelle Liu

Favorite destination: Tokyo – a plethora of Pokemon and Totoro merch.
Dream destination: Costa Rica – where the only sloth sanctuary in the world can be found!
Top travel tip: Pack extra underwear / don’t spend all your time documenting your holiday and enjoy yourself.
Essential packing item: EXTRA UNDERWEAR. Just a little paranoid.

Bibek Gurung

Favourite destination: Boston – I liked them apples
Dream destination: Samarkand – As the centre of the silk route, it’s got history, spices and culture. And you’ve probably never heard of it (satisfying my inner wanky hipster).
Top travel tip: Three words you should know in every language – Toilet, Hospital, bedroom.
Essential packing item: Plug adaptor – You don’t have to live like a barbarian anymore!

Sam Dawson 

Favourite destination: The Amalfi Coast. Stunning scenery, swimming, sailing and seafood. Things ain’t get much better.
Dream destination: I am desperate to see Macchu Pichu.
Top travel tip: Pack light or pack things you are prepared to throw out along the way, so you have plenty of room for new purchases (especially now that the Australian dollar is so good).
Essential packing item: Pack your backpack or suitcase and then remove one quarter of the crap you have crammed in. Also, it is amazing how many ways you can use a sarong on a tropical holiday.


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  1. I loved the photo of Myvawny at Machu Picchu, its looks like she is the only person there, hard to believe. What an absolutely stunning photo.

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