Our top five MOST ESSENTIAL travel apps.

Image source: Techhogger

One of the biggest developments in travel has been the invention of the smartphone – and, consequently, apps.

Given that there are thousands of apps out there – and some of them are admittedly useless – we’ve put together a list of the top five. These must-have apps are easy to use, compatible over both iPhone and Android systems, and best of all, they’re all FREE.

1. WhatsApp

Provided you have an internet connection, WhatsApp lets you chat to your friends for free. Basically, it’s texting over the web. Best of all, it adds your friends using their phone numbers, so you’ll know straight away who else is a user.

2. Google Translate

Having Google Translate on your phone is the far more comprehensive and lightweight version than carrying around a dictionary.

3. Oanda Currency Converter

This app has a simple interface that’s incredibly easy to use. With over 190 currencies to choose from, you’ll never overpay for anything again.

4. SitorSquat

Never worry about finding a nearby bathroom again. With nearly 100,000 bathrooms listed globally, this app will tell you where all your closest toilets are.

5. Instagram

Love it or hate it, the photo-sharing service looks like it’s here to stay. Keep your friends and family up-to-date with your travels by posting photos of all your latest adventures. Best of all, the filter will make your images look professional.


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